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Pokemon Figures For Trade
Hi! Thanks for looking at my page. I have a bunch of stuff for trade below. I'm only really looking to trade with local people (I'm in Vancouver, BC Canada), sorry. If you are located in the lower mainland and are interested in trading, please let me know! I have a small list of wants at the bottom. Thanks!

My feedback thread is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gnomeschooled/


Feraligatr Electronic Figure / Staraptor Electronic Figure / Action Salamance (missing projectile) / Real Attacks Torterra (sealed) / 2.5" Grottle (no marble) / 2.5" Luxio (no marble)

Oddish / Mareep / Flaafy / Luxio / Flareon / Starly / Totodile / Houndour / Leafeon (sealed)

Turtwig Line / Chikorita Line, Chespin Line, Buizel Line, Shellos (West Sea) Line, Rayquaza, Forces of Nature Set (Therian Forme)

Clipping Figure Chimchar / Clipping Figure Turtwig / Clipping Figure Hawklucha / Chou Get Magneton / Chou Get Poliwhirl / Chou Get Nosepass / Best Wishes DX Samurott / Bastiodon Kid / Footprint Figure Bagon


Aron Line / Bellsprout Line / Charizard Line / Magby Line / Mega Blastoise / Mega Charizard / Numel Line / Pikachu Line / Seedot Line / Swablu Line / Swampert Line

Mega Aggron / Mega Charizard X EX / Charizard EX / Mega Mawile / Mega Swampert / Mega Tyranitar